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This site includes the Cotton-top Tamarin Husbandry Manual as well as additional resources to help you learn more about these tamarins and their natural and captive environments.

Cotton-top Tamarin Species Survival Plan©    

Information for Institutional Representatives:
  • Institutional Representatives Responsibilities
  • SSP guidelines for Hand-rearing and Socialization
  • The Cotton-top Tamarin SSP© Daily
  • Urine Collection Protocol
  • Fecal Collection Protocol
  • Contraception Recommendations--updated 8 March 2001
  • Cotton-top Tamarin SSP© 1999 Master Plan 3 Year Action Plan:

    3 Year Plan

    Cotton-top Tamarin Husbandry Manual 

    Savage, A. (ed) The Cotton-top Tamarin Husbandry Manual, 1995, Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence, RI

    Table of Contents:


    Natural History

    Social Organization


    Infant Development

    Captive Management


    Veterinary Care



    Appendix I- Female Reproductive Tract Study

    Appendix II- Necropsy Protocol